Ventilation ducts TK Duct

A uniform supply of fresh air to your facilities

  • The TK Duct ventilation duct is a tailor-made system that delivers clean and fresh air evenly and gently throughout the building.

    Applications for TK Ducts
  •  barns, slaughterhouses, calf sheds, dry cows
  •  poultry houses
  •  piggeries
  •  horse farms
  •  greenhouses
  •  fattening facilities

ŚThe TK Duct ventilation ducts provide a gentle flow of fresh air on a continuous basis. A gentle breeze allows you to ventilate your facilities all year round.

The fan located at the beginning of a densely woven, impermeable (or permeable) material with a system of openings tailored to the needs of a given facility provides a mild, laminar flow of fresh, clean air.

With TK Duct, you can ventilate your facility all year round - our ventilation duct provides a gentle supply of fresh air on a continuous basis, generating a mild, draught-free breeze.

The ventilation ducts are easy to keep clean, which is why they are often used in offices, laboratories, assembly halls, sewing rooms and other industrial facilities.

Each TK Duct system is designed to meet the requirements of a given building and taking into account the specific needs of a specific industry.

“According to a survey carried out by the British Council for Offices in 2016, air quality was indicated by as many as 80% of respondents as the most important factor influencing the comfort of employees in their workplace.”



No worries! In case of technical problems we will take care of the matter immediately, diagnose the fault and send new parts directly to your company's address in order to restore the system to its full working order as soon as possible.
 The entire process is supervised by our highly trained consultants.


  • Faster growth of young animals and better health. Young animals that are supplied with the right amount of fresh air are up to 20% more efficient in their productive age.
  • More fresh air = less disease risk. With TK Duct you can remove harmful gases (ammonia) accumulated in the facility and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria. In addition, TK Duct dries the bedding, thus limiting the growth of harmful fungi.
  • Better conditions for the growth of plants (including in greenhouses). A continuous supply of fresh air, as opposed to the circulation of contaminated air, supports growth processes, which allows for an increase in the efficiency of production.
  • Quick return on investment. (Depending on the nature and size of the investment and the farm)
  • Individually matched to the Customer's needs. We will design a system tailored to your facility = you will achieve the best results with optimal cost-effectiveness.
  • Effective ventilation without strong draughts throughout the building thanks to the ventilation ducts = continuous, gentle airflow all year round (also in winter), which will improve the comfort of both animals and employees.




  • Laminar flow. It supplies air evenly and precisely over the entire working length.
  • Precise selection. Each duct system is designed and selected individually to suit the Customer's needs, which maximizes the effectiveness and optimizes the costs of the ventilation system.
  • Easy to install and modular. The fan is mounted 2 to 4 metres above ground and consists of easily assembled and disassembled components.
  • Hygienic. The ventilation duct can be easily and quickly dismantled at any time for dry cleaning.
  • Gentle flow. Causes a mild breeze and gentle, even air movement within the building.
  • Year-round. The system provides mild cooling in summer and a gentle supply of fresh air in winter thanks to its method of regulation.
  • Longevity. The strong, synthetic material from which the duct is made guarantees many years of use.
  • Versatility. The TK Duct ventilation system is a solution that is suitable for calf sheds, poultry houses, piggeries, milking parlours, drying rooms and other livestock and storage rooms, as well as rooms where people work.
  • Resistance. The galvanized steel fan and the fire resistant synthetic material of the duct guarantee durability of the system.
  • Tested. Tested in the harshest of conditions, including low and high temperatures (-10 to +40 °C).
  • Lightweight. One metre of the duct weighs only about 0.5 kg


We have already made several hundred ventilation systems for our Customers - both in Poland and abroad.
Visit the opinions page to learn more about the process and find out whether the decisions to invest in our fans helped Customers solve their problems.

We know how important professional advice is - we never leave you without answers to important questions and we will select a system to meet the needs of your facility, also taking into account the optimal economics of the proposed solution, so that you can feel the positive effects of ventilation in your company as soon as possible.
Each of our Customers has a dedicated consultant who knows their problems and requirements, so there is no need to explain everything again to somebody else with each interaction.