Control and electrical cabinets

Industrial process control and automation systems

  • Control and electrical cabinets from TK Energia facilitate and improve production processes and equipment operation.
  • Introduce 21st century technology into your company through automation.  21st century in your business!
  • Tailor-made control and automation systems from TK Energia will help you achieve this goal.

    Applications for control cabinets
  •  industry
  •  control during production processes

Automation of processes saves time and money and reduces the risk of errors and human negligence. Control cabinets make your work more efficient and the most advanced systems can even replace employees - and as you know very well, nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a good employee.

Introducing well-thought-out control and automation systems is an investment that generates measurable benefits from the very first day of implementation in a company's processes.
Control systems are made according to designs provided by the Customer or tailored to their needs based on guidelines and delivered along with the project - the Customer informs us about their expectations and we deliver the correct control cabinet.

Our solutions are suitable for any industry in which electrical machines and equipment are used and where process optimization is of key importance.

Years of experience and countless litres of coffee drunk during talks with Customers are proof that our solutions will quickly increase productivity in your company and improve the comfort of work.



  • Simple, time-consuming and attention-grabbing operations can be carried out automatically - e.g. switching on ventilation, speed control, switching on devices at the right time, etc.
  • Remote control of devices (control via smartphone, tablet or computer).
  • Ability to monitor technological processes from any place in the world with Internet access.
  • Ability to create control systems for individual devices on the farm or one common system - all this is tailored to the characteristics of your company.
Automation of economy is being introduced in most of the countries which want to catch up with the most developed economies around the world. Industries where low production costs (especially labour costs) are key are losing importance and are more and more often replaced by sectors requiring greater automation of production processes.
Wojciech Traczyk,


  • Mobility. The owner or manager can monitor and control the operation of the devices.
  • Uniqueness. Control cabinets are produced according to the needs of the Customer and the devices to be included in the system.
  • Flexibility. We can make cost-effective versions based on proven components or premium versions with the help of the most reputable companies on the planet.
  • Precision. Electronics allow you to control the devices to the second. Bring your company's processes to a higher level of precision.
  • Easy to install. The control cabinets are delivered to the Customer programmed and ready to use.
  • Durability. Our systems are made of high quality electrical and electronic components adapted to operation in harsh conditions. TK Energia control cabinets are manufactured from components of renowned companies: Danfoss, Eaton, LG, Siemens, Lenze, NORD, etc.
  • Versatility. Our systems are compatible with most devices or existing solutions.
  • Longevity. When used, serviced and maintained properly, the equipment will provide years of failure-free operation.
  • Versatility. Control cabinets are used in every modern industrial company.


No worries! In case of problems, your dedicated consultant will help you to quickly diagnose the defect. During a phone call they will advise you on how to restore the system to its full working order as soon as possible. 
If spare parts are needed - we always have them in stock - we dispatch parts immediately, on the same or next working day. We work with several courier companies to deliver the necessary parts and make repairs as quickly as possible during the season.


We focus on development.
Our consultants have the latest knowledge and experience necessary to select the systems to effectively solve your technical problems. We constantly improve our knowledge through training, participation in trade fairs and, most importantly, conversations and meetings with entrepreneurs. 
Good communication is essential. Each of our Customers has a dedicated consultant who knows their problems and requirements, so there is no need to explain everything again to somebody else with each interaction. 
After-sales service is one of our biggest assets, which is often mentioned by those who trusted us and bought our fans. We are a company with tradition and experience (our team comprises a veterinarian and a breeder) and many excellent projects in our portfolio.