Our projects

   Production of TK Energia fans

Production and delivery of fans take place all year round. We always care about the quality of workmanship and each fan is carefully checked and tested before delivery to the Customer, which is why we already have a large group of regular Customers and distributors.

   Czech Republic - supply of 66 TK2 fans

Delivery of 66 TK2 90x90 vertical fans to the Czech Republic in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Vertical fans were chosen because of the small height of buildings. The TK2 fan is ideal for low-ceiling buildings, but must be installed at shorter distances in order to supply the right amount of air.

   We supply louvred fans for the poultry and pig farming industry

The louvred fan is one of our most important products, and the number of Customers and distributors in Poland and abroad is still growing.

   The largest of the largest - TK Heli 7.3 metres

Our Client is a breeder who expects modern, efficient and economically viable solutions, so he chose a high efficiency ceiling fan.
The fan works perfectly and acts as an air mixer and a destratifier.

   Installing the ventilation system for a milking parlour in Racibórz

TK1 fans were coupled with a sprinkler system, which gave an incredible effect. The combination of fans and sprinklers creates conditions resembling a sea breeze and the temperature in the entire hall falls even at the peak of milking, when the number of animals in the parlour is the largest.

   Fan assembly in Silesia

A cow farm with an above-average milk yield needs good ventilation. Existing peak temperature fans proved to be insufficient.
We connected our vertical fans to the existing ventilation system, forming one integral unit. The entire system currently consists of 26 fans.
Our automation engineers have created an automatic system that switches the fans on one by one in order to avoid overloading the electrical system.

   Installation of TK Heli 7.3 fans in Wielkopolska Region

A barn in Wielkopolska Region was equipped with only a few vertical fans which affected a small part of the barn.
Three "helicopter" fans have completely changed the climate in the building.
Air movement is felt in all parts of the barn, even those furthest from the Heli fans. AMAZING effects.

   Another project in a semi-open building for dry cows

Previously there was no ventilation in the building at all. On hot days, even in open facilities, animals need to be cooled and ventilated.
The Customer decided to use just one helicopter fan, which turned out to be the ideal solution. Take a look.

    70 TK1 fans for one of the largest farms in Poland

One of the biggest farms in Poland decided to use our ventilation system. TK1 140x140 fans have been located in several facilities.
In total, we equipped 6 facilities with about 70 fans. Control systems based on inverters have been provided. The Customer chose full automation. The most automated system.
The system controls the fans based on temperature. It turns on and off at the desired temperature.