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TK Energia AGRO
supplies fans for the agricultural sector
Peak temperature fans, louvred fans, vertical fans, horizontal fans. Destratifiers, ventilation ducts for poultry houses, cowsheds, greenhouses, livestock buildings, grain silos, warehouses, drying rooms and many other agricultural facilities.
supplies ventilation units for industrial applications
Fans for factories, drying rooms, warehouses, tents and production halls. Fans designed for airports, fans for automotive industry. In addition, we offer destratifiers, ventilation ducts, oil mist extractors and air mixers.

TK Energia

TK Energia is a family business. We have been helping our partners to grow since 2008, when we started this journey to supplement our farm business. With the growth of our Customers, we quickly became a respected company supplying fans of the highest quality.

How do we approach business? We treat our Customers as we want to be treated ourselves. Ethical behaviour and a special emphasis on the quality of our products are the main reasons why we have managed to acquire so many satisfied Customers.

Year after year, our Customer base has grown and our company has expanded its scope and areas of activity, so that we can help you to achieve your business goals even more effectively without losing sight of what is most important: your comments, suggestions and the goals that you want to achieve.

TK EnergiaTEAM

Our team consists of qualified people, who always try to meet the expectations of Customer. We cooperate with many partner companies that provide products, semi-finished products and expertise which we draw on to the utmost extent.

We believe in one simple rule - in order to really satisfy our Customers, we must supply products and ventilation systems that exceed your expectations. We are proud to be able to grow alongside our Customers. Thank you for putting your trust in us.
We invite companies and individual Customers to cooperate with us. GROW WITH US!

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TK Energia Mateusz Tomczak
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