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In 2017 I installed a modern TK Heli fan. Before that my barn was unventilated so I decided to change it. The facility is a bedded barn. I opted for a complete ventilation solution by TK Energia. Matthew proposed a complete solution and presented various options. After many discussions we chose the most optimal solution for me. We installed the largest TK Heli fan with a diameter of 7.3 metres inside the barn. It is a fan with a very high efficiency and very low power consumption - 1.5 kW at maximum speed. One fan ventilates the whole barn on warm days, which is very important to dry the bedding and ensure a gentle exchange of air on days when the air is standing still. One TK1 vertical fan with a size of 140x140 has been installed in the waiting room. One TK2 fan was placed in the milking parlour, which significantly improved the comfort of work during milking. TK Energia employees react quickly to my telephone calls. I am satisfied with the cooperation and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
With its complete ventilation system TK Energia has improved cow health, increasing milk yield during warm periods. Cows will lie under the fans, and working in the barn is now more comfortable. My farm is located in the Opolskie province. I have 100 dairy cows and 100 hectares of fields. I have been cooperating with TK Energia since 2008. They equipped my farm with all the existing ventilation. They take care of equipment maintenance. The quality of equipment offered by TK Energia is very high. I systematically increase the number of fans, since they bring me measurable benefits. Since installing the fans, in warm months I have got higher milk yield than in the same period in previous years. Previously I didn't realize that ventilation on a farm of highly productive cows is so important. I would also add that the ventilation on my farm paid for itself within one year.
In 2014 we supplemented the existing ventilation system with a semi-automatic system by TK Energia consisting of 12 fans and semi-automatic control. The system was installed quickly and efficiently. TK Energia has integrated the system with the existing ventilation, so that the fans switch on one by one without overloading the electrical network. The system has been cooling our herd faultlessly and effectively for 4 years. The main advantages are system efficiency and ease of use. We recommend TK Energia for quality, good communication and service. This year we intend to work with TK Energia once again to produce a comprehensive ventilation system for the waiting room of the milking parlour.
We have an old and low stanchion-type barn. On hot days, it was stuffy, the amount of milk dropped significantly, the cows were constantly panting and work in the barn was strenuous. Our veterinarian told us to install fans. We decided to work with TK Energia. The company consultant, Rafał, advised us on how to improve conditions inside the barn. We chose two TK2 fans which cool our barn very efficiently. I noticed an increase in feed intake on warm days and the working comfort is much better. We also ventilate our low barn in the transitional months of autumn and spring.
The dairy farm has a herd of 390 highly productive cows. Currently, the herd capacity is more than 11,000 kg per year per cow. In order to maintain such high efficiency in warm periods, ventilation is essential. Nowadays, all farms should be equipped with a ventilation system. An efficiently cooled and ventilated barn guarantees high cow productivity as well as an improvement in terms of health and reproduction. 8 years ago we opted for TK1 140x140 fans and it was a great choice. The fans are switched on and off manually. This was the right choice and I must admit that we are very satisfied with our cooperation with TK Energia. Recommended!
TK1 fans were installed on two farms: Grobniki Widok Research Centre (658 cows) and Gołuszowice Research Centre (887 cows). The fans operate faultlessly and provide just the right amount of fresh air. The devices perform very well. Ventilation results in significantly higher feed intake, which translates into higher milk production. Thanks to TK Energia we have efficient and effective ventilation.
We are satisfied with our cooperation with TK Energia. We have purchased more than 25 fans. They have been reliably cooling our cows for 3 years. Thank you for your partnership. Recommended.
Top Gen sp. z o.o. recommends products and services of TK Energia owned by Mateusz Tomczak. The company is a proven and reliable business partner.