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HVLS TK Heli horizontal fans

HVLS TK Heli horizontal fans

Supreme efficiency and energy savings in milk production

The TK Heli fan is one of the most technologically advanced ventilation units available.
Increase the production on your farm by up to 25% with a proven ventilation system!

Applications for the TK Heli fan
barns, milking parlours, dry cows,
barns, milking parlours, dry cows,
Each TK Heli component has been designed for safe and efficient ventilation of barn and livestock buildings
A high yielding dairy herd needs the best and most efficient ventilation. The most comfortable conditions for cows are temperatures in the range of 1-21°C. With TK Heli, you can ensure optimal conditions for your animals.
"In 2017 I installed a modern TK Heli fan. Before that my barn was unventilated so I decided to change it. The facility is a bedded barn. I opted for a complete ventilation solution by TK Energia. Matthew proposed a complete solution and presented various options.
After many discussions we chose the most optimal solution for me. We installed the largest TK Heli fan with a diameter of 7.3 metres inside the barn. It is a fan with a very high efficiency and very low power consumption - 1.5 kW at maximum speed.
One fan ventilates the whole barn on warm days, which is very important to dry the bedding and ensure a gentle exchange of air on days when there is no air movement."


  • Temperatures above 21°C cause a number of problems, including a significant drop in milk production. An investment in TK Heli fans will allow you to forget about efficiency drops in summer!
  • Do you have problems with herd health, reduced feed intake, increased water intake, rut, etc. on hot days? TK Heli fans solve these issues.
  • Worried about increased power consumption? The TK Heli fan offers the most efficiency in relation to its electricity consumption - e.g. the TK Heli 7.3 metre model has a capacity of 780,000 m3/h(!), with an electricity demand of only 1.5 kW (!)
  • Wondering if the investment will pay off? You can get a return on your investment in just a few months.
  • Too much noise in livestock facilities? TK Heli are super silent. During operation, only a quiet movement of the handled air can be heard.
  • Worried about availability of spare parts? Despite the modern design and high quality of fan components, the most important components, i.e. motor and inverter are easily accessible and easy to repair.


TK Heli fans have propellers made of ultralight magnalium which is used in aviation due to its weight and durability.

All other components are supplied by renowned manufacturers (LENZE or NORD motor, EATON electrical components, inverter from Danfoss, Bosch Rexroth or another renowned company), which ensures the long life of the TK Heli fan.

Each TK Heli assembly is equipped with double shielded electric cables which meet EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements.


TK Heli is a relatively new device, but we have already managed to win over many Customers with this solution, which in turn allowed us to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to provide advice and efficient service.

During the season, your dedicated consultant will help you quickly diagnose any faults, in case of problems. During the phone call, they will advise you on how to restore the ventilation to full working order in the shortest possible time.

If spare parts are needed - we always have them in stock - we dispatch parts immediately, on the same or next working day. We work with several courier companies to deliver the necessary parts as quickly as possible during the season so that you can re-introduce "a breath of fresh air" in your facilities.


  • The TK Heli fan produces more fresh air which provides more comfort for the animals and translates into an increase in production efficiency of up to 25%!
  • The investment usually pays for itself within a few months (Depending on the nature and size of the investment and the farm).
  • Extremely efficient - up to 780,000 m3/h.
  • Silent <60 dB.
  • Energy-saving motor (1.1kW-1.5kW - depending on the version) - 520 m3/W/h.
  • A modern design utilising innovative solutions and the best components from proven companies (LENZE or NORD motor, EATON electrical components, Danfoss or Bosch Rexroth inverter).
  • The TK Heli fan offers maintenance-free operation and a simple design that guarantees a long and trouble-free service life.
  • Improved air quality ensures an appropriate micro-climate, reduces the risk of diseases, removes harmful air (ammonia).
  • Dehydrates air and bedding, inhibits the development of harmful fungi.
  • Easy to install - we ensure complete installation of the system.


  • Performance. Thanks to its large diameter, the fan has a high capacity - up to 780 000 m3/h.
  • Rapid return on investment. The investment in fans pays for itself within anywhere from a few to several months. After this period, you are left with pure profit.
  • An energy efficient. Powerful motor (NORD) with low power (1.5 kW) and high efficiency (over 90%).
  • Durability. The large diameter of the propellers (up to 7.3 metres) causes overloading, therefore the design of the TK Heli fan is comprised of very durable materials.
  • Longevity. The materials and components used - aluminium, reliable electric motor, steel of appropriate thickness, etc. - all this guarantees many years of trouble-free operation.
  • Modular design. The fan can be equipped with a thermostat (optional), a temperature sensor (optional) and an SMS module (optional). Choose the configuration that best suits your needs.
  • Proven solution. Our Customers are large dairy farms and smaller agricultural businesses. Each year we have more and more satisfied Customers, and the greatest satisfaction for us is the recommendation of our products.

Technical data

Model Dimensions Power Voltage Propeller RPM Efficiency m3/h Area Propeller max diameter Recomm. mounting height Weight Noise
TK Heli 2.4 2,4 m 1,5 kW NORD 400 V 55 390 000 700 m2 9 m 4-6 m 125 kg >55
TK Heli 3.6 3,6 m 1,5 kW NORD 400 V 55 516 000 800 m2 13,5 m 4-6 m 136 kg >53
TK Heli 4.9 4,9 m 1,5 kW NORD 400 V 50 600 000 1000 m2 18 m 4,5-8 m 140 kg >51
TK Heli 6.1 6,1 m 1,5 kW NORD 400 V 50 690 000 1100 m2 22,5 m 4,5-9 m 145 kg >50
TK Heli 7.3 7,3 m 1,5 kW NORD 400 V 50 780 000 1300 m2 27 m 4,5-9 m 155 kg >48


At TK Energia, we have already supplied over several hundred ventilation systems to our Customers. On the feedback page, you can read about the entire process and find out whether the investments made paid for themselves within the expected time.
First and foremost, we focus on the right advice - we never leave you without answers to important questions and we select the equipment to suit the needs of a given farm. Each of our Customers has a dedicated consultant who knows their problems and requirements, so there is no need to explain everything again to somebody else with each interaction.