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AWRA Sp. z o.o. produces chilled and frozen meat obtained from breeder-type broilers and distributes the products in Poland and abroad. On two occasions, we purchased 12 fans from TK Energia. Our company uses TK1 fans mounted on special structures to cool down refrigerator trucks before loading cooled goods. Fans blow out warm air to ensure that the goods are transported under optimum conditions. The use of TK Energia fans allows us to maintain the high quality of our products at the final stage of the production chain. Fans have been operating for the fifth year without failure. Thank you for your effort.
Gotec Polska Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer specializing in coating and joining plastic and metal parts for components used in the automotive industry. We buy fans from TK Energia to cool and ventilate rooms where people work. Gotec Polska Sp. z o.o. puts people first, which is why we put special emphasis on ensuring comfortable working conditions. Thanks to the ventilation units the employees have optimal working conditions which results in more efficient and safe work. The TK1 fans supply a large amount of air and have been operating trouble-free for years. We recommend the company and appreciate the effort.
We equip server rooms, BitCoin mines, etc. TK1 and TK2 fans and their accessories perfectly fulfil their function in such applications. The high efficiency allows for the extraction of excess heat as well as the cooling down and proper ventilation of rooms with electronic devices. The team at TK Energia are always helpful and willing to help with unique orders. The systems supplied are tailored to our needs. We look forward to further cooperation.
Gipso-Dek is a manufacturer of gypsum tiles ideal for people who value luxury and modernity combined with timeless style. Our products require drying and therefore a large exchange of air is necessary. TK Energia fans work very well in the difficult environment of a gypsum dryer. The employees of TK Energia demonstrated professionalism in the selection of fans. Recommended.
The TK2 fan is used in our company to ensure comfortable working conditions for employees in the assembly hall. For the last two years, it has been ensuring trouble-free air circulation. Recommended.
In our bakery, fans speed up the bread production process. The high efficiency of the fans allows for faster bread cooling, which translates into lower production costs.
We purchased a TK Energia TK Duct ventilation system for event tents. The ducts work in tandem with the air conditioning. This allows us to distribute the air evenly throughout the tent. The gentle breeze is not harmful to the people staying inside the tent and at the same time ensures fantastic air-conditioning.
We have been cooperating with TK Energia for 2 years. Their fans and control systems are of very high quality. Communication with salespeople is at the highest level, they are happy to help, advise and efficiently select equipment to best meet our needs. They always strive to deliver the ordered goods on time. Thank you for your partnership.
TK2 90x90cm fans are used to extract air from the production hall. Unpleasant air and fumes from sheet metal cutting and processing are quickly and efficiently removed. TK Energia fans significantly improved the atmosphere in the production hall and increased the comfort of work. Consultants from TK Energia help choose the most effective and economically viable solution.
An indoor kart circuit is characterized by large amounts of exhaust fumes which must be safely and efficiently removed. TK Energia fans ensure pleasant and safe fun thanks to proper air exchange. The devices operate faultlessly and the support of consultants from TK Energia is at the highest level.
TK Energia supplies fans for various applications in factories and production plants. Products supplied by TK Energia are characterized by high quality. The quality of service, punctuality and commitment are at a high level.