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Our projects for industry

Indoor sports field, Germany

Ventilation ducts installed by our distributor in Germany in a sports facility. The system consists of ventilation ducts, a fan and air conditioning. The entire facility is gently cooled, which ensures a high level of comfort during sports events. In the colder months, the building is heated by means of installed ventilation ducts.

Factory, Czech Republic

Ventilation ducts by TK Energia installed together with filters by our distributor in a food factory in the Czech Republic. Air must be supplied to the Customer's premises by means of laminar flow. In addition, air filters are an important element used to ensure that the air supplied is free of dust and other impurities, which is critical within the food industry.

Assembly hall, Germany

Another project of one of our clients from Germany. Our ventilation system was used in a new assembly hall producing specialized electronic devices. The TK Duct system is connected to the air conditioning station while filters maintain air purity.

Production hall, Czech Republic

In this case the Customer chose the TK Heli 7.3 fan which was installed in a production hall in the Czech Republic, where it aids heating and is an efficient alternative to air conditioning.

Production hall, Germany

TK Duct textile ducts for air conditioning and heating at the Chemnitz factory (Germany).