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TK Seed Fan grain ventilation fans

Couldn't make it back to your warehouse before the rain?
Had to collect wet grains in bad weather?
Are your valuable crops wet because of rain?
The TK Seed grain ventilation fan will help you solve your problem quickly and effectively!

Rapidly changing weather (increasingly in recent years) is yet another threat to your crops.
Protect yourself against the risk of deterioration in the quality of your harvest with the TK Seed Fan!
The TK Seed grain ventilation fan helps to improve the quality of harvested and stored grains, cultivated plants, grasses, flowers, decorative plants, etc.
seed and grain warehouses
seed and grain warehouses
The fan cools the collected grain and dries it, increasing its commercial quality, which translates into a better price!
The TK Seed Fan is widely used in flat warehouses, storage marquees and transport trailers to dry or cool the grain immediately after harvesting. All this makes our TK Seed Fan indispensable on every farm!
“TK Energia supplied the TK Seed fans for grain ventilation. We use the TK Seed fans in flat grain warehouses. We decided to use these fans since they protect the grains against thermal damage and moulding when excessively moist during harvest.
Thanks to this, the quality of stored grains is much better, it can be stored longer and when sold we get a higher price. Feed obtained from grains stored in such a way also has a higher quality.
This was not our first transaction with TK Energia. We recommend the company for the quality of its equipment and services.”
Zakład Produkcji Rolnej AGROPROD Sp. z o.o.


  • Quickly reduces grain moisture content - up to 7%!
  • Reduces the temperature of the grain, which decreases the risk of it heating up.
  • Maintains the desired quality of goods throughout the storage period.
  • Inhibits the growth of fungi and moulds.


  • Effective. Decreases grain moisture up to 7%.
  • Targeted. Can ventilate particularly damp, hard-to-reach places.
  • Easy to install. The fan consists of several light and easy to assemble parts.
  • Year-round. It keeps your harvest in good condition throughout the storage period.
  • Longevity. High quality materials and motor allow for many years of trouble-free use.
  • Versatility. The design of the fan allows for use wherever grain or seeds are stored.
  • Tested. Our Customers have tested it on both small and large farms.
  • Lightweight. The low weight of the TK Seed Fan makes operation and transport comfortable.

Technical data

Model Rotor rotation Total damming Air flow efficiency Air speed in the main duct Diameter in the main duct Power
Single-stage drum 2860+20 obr/min 500 + 10 Pa 1200 + 100 m3h 24 + 2 m3s 150 mm 0,55-1,1 kW


At TK Energia, we have already supplied over several hundred ventilation systems to our Customers. On the feedback page, you can read about the entire process and find out whether the investments made paid for themselves within the expected time.
First and foremost, we focus on the right advice - we never leave you without answers to important questions and we select the equipment to suit the needs of a given farm. Each of our Customers has a dedicated consultant who knows their problems and requirements, so there is no need to explain everything again to somebody else with each interaction.