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TK1 and TK2 fan

TK1 and TK2 fan

Are you looking for a way to:
Increase production efficiency on hot days?
Improve working conditions and employee satisfaction?
Supply large amounts of air to the facility?
Quickly and efficiently dissipate heat?
Discover the modern TK1 and TK2 fans


- high temperatures adversely affect people and reduce productivity. Ensure comfortable working conditions for your employees and reap the benefits - better productivity and satisfaction of employees
- TK1 and TK2 fans will speed up the production process by cooling down the products,
- heavy climate and harmful air in the production hall is the result of air stagnation - TK1 and TK2 fans mix air quickly and ensure circulation,
- additional accessories enable use of our fans practically in all conditions and in every industry,
- excessive temperatures adversely affect the operation of entire machines or individual devices. With the help of our fans you will quickly and easily dissipate excessive heat,
- in rooms where electrical devices generating heat (e.g. servers, computers) are located, our TK1 and TK2 fans will create a controlled draught which will improve the operation of the devices and extend their life.

Correctly selected fans improve the comfort of work, and thus increase production, which means a quick return on investment and visible benefits for the next few years with minimal operating costs - the TK1 and TK2 fans guarantee a strong airflow with low energy consumption, thanks to the use of an energy-saving motor.

A vertical fan or air mixer has a simple design and high efficiency. It is made of a galvanized, square casing, electric motor and a propeller made from specially pressed stainless steel, which contributes to reliability.

The design of the fan ensures high durability, which is necessary at high propeller speeds. The fan blades have a special embossing so that they can handle large amounts of air without the risk of deformation or breakage.

Despite its robust design, thanks to the special construction the fan remains lightweight - no unnecessary overloading of the ceiling and no expensive or complicated fixings.

All the above features minimise all kinds of failures and service needs, which, as we know, could be burdensome for Customers - especially during the summer period.


The answer is simple - we respond immediately, diagnose the fault and send new parts directly to your farm in order to restore the system to its full working condition as soon as possible.
The entire process is supervised by our highly trained service technicians (each with the required knowledge and skills).


  • An investment that will be noticed and appreciated by employees and will improve your reputation as an employer.
  • More fresh air means better working comfort which results in increased productivity.
  • In many cases the ventilation system replaces air conditioning which is expensive in use and installation.
  • Supports production processes by dissipating excess heat - longer equipment life and ease of use.
  • Intensive airflow accelerates the cooling of products, which shortens the production process.
  • Causes the desired circular movement of air in buildings (the air flows in a circle) or causes a draught in order to repeatedly exchange air.
  • TK1 and TK2 fans are widely used - as exhaust fans (louvre), blower fans (air intake) and air mixers - one type, many possibilities


  • Performance. The TK1 and TK2 air mixers handle a large amount of air at low energy consumption, so you can achieve the right results with minimal operating costs.
  • Quick return on investment. The investment in fans pays for itself within anywhere from a few to several months. The cost of investment and operation is much lower than in the case of air conditioning.
  • Easy to install. Each TK1 and TK2 fan has mounting ears and a lightweight and handy design for easy and inexpensive installation. Additional accessories facilitate and extend the possibilities of using the fan.
  • Durability. The construction has been designed to prevent vibrations and ensure the long life of the fan - even under extreme conditions. Enjoy your ventilation system without unnecessary maintenance. Our systems have been running smoothly for more than 10 years!
  • Longevity. Carefully selected materials - stainless steel, galvanization, reliable electric motor - all this guarantees many years of trouble-free operation.
  • Versatility. A fan for a factory, assembly hall, drying room or server room - TK1 and TK2 will work everywhere.
  • Adaptability. The air mixer can be used separately or as part of an existing ventilation system with control or automation designed specifically for your needs.
  • Modular design. The fan system can be expanded with a number of devices: speed controller, inverter, thermostat, on/off switch, SMS module, etc.
  • Resistance. High quality galvanized steel, embossed propellers made of stainless steel - all this will ensure your peace of mind for years to come.
  • Proven solution. Tested in the harshest of conditions, at low and high temperatures (-10 to +50 °C). You're not buying a pig in a poke!

Parameter Value
Dimensions [mm] 1380 x 1380 x 320
Propeller diameter [mm] 1250
Propeller quamtity [psc.] 6
Weight [kg] 57
Air flow [m3/h] 44 000 (0 Pa)
Motor rotational speed [RPM] 1400
Propeller rotational speed [RPM] 630
Frequency [Hz] 50
Noise [dB] <65
Power [kW] 1.1
Voltage [V] 380

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