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TK1 and TK2 fan

Would you like to learn how to increase productivity on hot days by up to 25%?
How to achieve such a good result while maintaining a fast return on investment?

Application of TK1 and TK2
barns, calf sheds, dry cows
barns, calf sheds, dry cows
poultry houses
poultry houses
grain warehouses
grain warehouses
rying rooms
rying rooms
fattening facilities, vent. at animal exhibitions
fattening facilities, vent. at animal exhibitions

It is summer. Heat is beating down from the sky.
Outside temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius and are even higher in the farm buildings. The air is so heavy, it seems as though you could cut it with a knife... In such situations, for both humans and animals, a light breeze of fresh air is invaluable.
The TK1 and TK2 fans give you just that.

Avoid problems and choose effective ventilation

- high temperatures adversely affect animal health. Provide them with comfortable conditions and you will get many benefits,
- are you experiencing a decline in production on hot days? Choose customised ventilation and forget about losses,
- poor crop quality caused by high temperature and lack of ventilation? Store goods in optimal conditions and forget about the deterioration of quality due to heat,
- nobody likes to work in the heat - lower the temperature, increase the comfort and efficiency in your facilities.

The TK1 and TK2 fans guarantee a strong airflow with low energy

With properly selected and properly designed ventilation, the increase in production can reach 25%, which means a quick return on investment and visible benefits for the years to come.

The best confirmation are the words of one of our clients:
“Through its complete ventilation system, TK Energia has improved the health of my cows and I now sell more, higher quality milk in warm periods. (...) I systematically increase the number of fans, since they bring me measurable benefits. Since installing the fans, in warm months I have got higher milk yield than in the same period in previous years. Previously I didn't realize that ventilation on a farm of highly productive cows is so important. Moreover, the ventilation on my farm has paid for itself within one year.”
Mr. Smiech, owner of a herd of 100 dairy cows.

A vertical fan, also called an air mixer, has a simple design and high efficiency. It consists of a galvanized square casing, an electric motor and a propeller made of specially pressed stainless steel.

The design of the fan ensures high durability, which is necessary at high propeller speeds. The fan blades have special embossing, thanks to which they are very durable and can handle large amounts of air without the risk of deformation or breakage.

Thanks to its design, the fan is light but very durable - there is no unnecessary loading of the ceiling and no need for expensive and complicated fixings, which translates into solid equipment that will last for many years to come.

And we did not forget about safety! The mixer is secured on both sides with a net so that nothing gets within range of the rotating propellers.

These features minimise all manner of failures and repair needs, which, as we know, could be burdensome for Customers - especially during the summer period.

You might ask: and what if I have a problem with the equipment?

The answer is simple - we respond immediately, diagnose the fault and send new parts directly to your farm in order to restore the system to its full working condition as soon as possible.
The entire process is supervised by our highly trained service technicians (each with the required knowledge and skills).

Why choose the TK1 and TK2 fans?

  • For the fastest return on investment in breeding, choose TK1 and TK2 fans.
  • An investment in TK1 and TK2 air mixers can pay for itself within a few months. (Depending on the nature and size of the investment and the farm)
  • Ventilation increases production by up to 25% in summer.
  • More fresh air means better working comfort which results in increased productivity.
  • Highly productive animals require very large amounts of oxygen for intensive metabolic processes.
  • Improving air quality reduces the risk of diseases.
  • The ventilation system reduces the development of harmful fungi by dehumidifying the air.
  • It causes a beneficial, circular movement of air indoors (the air flows in a circle inside the building) or creates a draught, which repeatedly exchanges the air.
  • TK1 and TK2 fans are widely used as exhaust fans (louvre), blower fans (air intake) and air mixers - one type, many possibilities.

What are the characteristics of TK1 and TK2 fans?

  • Performance. The TK1 and TK2 air mixers handle large amounts of air with low energy consumption, so you can achieve the desired results with minimal operating costs.
  • Quick return on investment. The investment in fans pays for itself within anywhere from a few to several months. After this period, you are left with pure profit.
  • Easy to install. Each TK1 and TK2 fan has mounting ears and a lightweight and handy design for easy and inexpensive installation, which also contributes to a faster return on investment.
  • Durability. The unit design prevents vibrations and ensures long life of the fan, even under extreme conditions. Enjoy your ventilation system without unnecessary maintenance. Our systems have been running smoothly for more than 10 years!
  • Longevity. The right choice of materials - stainless steel, zinc - and a reliable electric motor guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.
  • Versatility. TK1 and TK2 fans are the ideal choice for barns, poultry houses, piggeries, warehouses, other livestock rooms, storerooms, work facilities or drying rooms.
  • Adaptability. The air mixer can be used separately or as part of an existing ventilation system.
  • Modular design. The unit can be expanded with a number of devices (speed controller, inverter, thermostat, timer, SMS module, etc.). The scale of the system depends entirely on your needs. We will take care of the rest.
  • Resistance. High quality galvanized steel, embossed propellers made of stainless steel - all this will ensure your peace of mind for years to come.
  • Proven solution. Tested in the harshest of conditions, at low and high temperatures (-10 to +50 °C). You're not buying a pig in a poke!

Technical data

Model Dimensions Weight Propeller diameter Propeller RPM Motor RPM Efficiency Pressure Noise Power Voltage
TK 1 138x138x42 cm 57 kg 125 cm 630 RPM 1400 44000 m3/h 65 <65db 1,1 kW 380 V
TK 2 90x90x32 cm 37 kg 75 cm 439 RPM 1400 28000 m3/h 56 <65db 0,55 kW 380 V

Efficiency graph


At TK Energia, we have already supplied over several hundred ventilation systems to our Customers. On the feedback page, you can read about the entire process and find out whether the investments made paid for themselves within the expected time.
First and foremost, we focus on the right advice - we never leave you without answers to important questions and we select the equipment to suit the needs of a given farm. Each of our Customers has a dedicated consultant who knows their problems and requirements, so there is no need to explain everything again to somebody else with each interaction.