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The glass industry is one of the industrial sectors with a high demand for specialised ventilation solutions. There are many factors in glass production that affect product quality, worker safety and the efficiency of the production process. In this article we will discuss the benefits of ventilation in glass factories and why it is a key component in this industry. Most production processes take place in enclosed spaces, where, as a result of the operation of machinery and equipment, high temperatures and excessive humidity prevail.. These phenomena worsen the microclimate in factories, halls or o..
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The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in the world. In vehicle manufacturing, there are many factors that affect the quality and efficiency of the production process and the comfort of the workforce. One of the key elements that contributes to these goals is proper ventilation. In this article we will look at the benefits of ventilation in the automotive industry. Enclosed spaces such as halls, factories and warehouses are characterised by high levels of leakage. This contributes to the accumulation of dust, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and particles, depending on..
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The effect of ventilation on the life of paperboard packaging Cardboard packaging plays a key role in today's industrial and commercial world. It is used to package and store a wide range of products, from food to electronics. One factor that has a significant impact on maintaining the quality and durability of paperboard packaging is ventilation. In this article we will look at how proper ventilation affects the storage of paperboard packaging and why it is an important issue. Cardboard packaging is one of the most popular types of packaging. They protect the products inside both during transport ..
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The microclimate in greenhouses and polytunnels is subject to constant and dynamic changes depending on the time of day, season or month. Although plants have different requirements in terms of temperature, sunlight and humidity, both an excess and a deficiency of these factors are detrimental to them. The high transparency of glasshouses and plastic tunnels exposes crops to excessive sunlight, temperature and humidity. These factors lead to reduced transpiration and problems with pollination. Such conditions are also ideal for the development of fungal diseases and the appearance of pests. In or..
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Domestication - a breakthrough in human history. A breakthrough in human history was undoubtedly the domestication of animals. It was first mentioned about 15,000 years ago in the areas of present-day China. In prehistoric times, both humans and animals lived outdoors and benefited from uninterrupted access to fresh air. With the development of civilisation, people began to move into more or less permanent structures called houses, and over time they brought animals into them. These houses were designed to provide shelter from adverse weather conditions, uninvited guests and other dangers. Today, l..
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People spend most of their lives in enclosed buildings. The main benefit of such spaces is to protect people and property inside from the adverse weather conditions outside. Production halls, factories and warehouses are places where people work, as well as various types of machinery and equipment. However, enclosed and sealed production halls, office buildings and other such facilities are exposed to 'internal hazards', such as, for example: excessive humidity or lack of fresh air. The microclimate in industrial buildings Air quality in enclosed spaces is constantly changing. This is due to the ..
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Heat stress - what is it? Although the summer in Poland does not last long, losses in livestock productivity due to high temperatures can be considerable. Why does this happen? And can we prevent it? Every animal feels best in what is known as the 'thermal comfort zone', also known as thermal neutrality. This is a temperature at which animals do not need to waste energy heating or cooling their bodies, they consume feed readily and grow and rear their offspring well. Summer, the period with the hottest days of the year, is a time when animals are particularly vulnerable to heat stress. Heat stress o..
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